TARIS Advantage

TARIS’ pipeline of therapeutic innovations come as a result of a unique integrated approach.


The Power of Three: A Superior Approach to Treating Urologic Disease

TARIS is dedicated to advancing transformative treatments for bladder diseases. Our localized therapies are delivered continuously to the bladder over weeks or months, without any daily effort required by patients or caregivers.

This means more effective therapies, minimal systemic side effects and guaranteed compliance with the treatment regimen.

Our pipeline of therapeutic innovations come as a result of a unique integrated approach:


We have an unmatched understanding of the bladder’s epithelial biology and its rich supply of drug targets.


Our therapeutic candidates unlock novel and previously unknown drug properties that work with the bladder’s unique design and function.


Our technology enables continuous delivery to the site of need, overcoming historic limitations of bladder treatment and reducing the treatment burden to patients.

The TARIS System

Our rationally-designed drug candidates are delivered continuously to the patient’s bladder using our proprietary TARIS System. The system is inserted easily into the bladder by a urologist during an office visit. After demonstrating safety and tolerability in a normal healthy volunteer study, the TARIS System has been administered in clinical settings to over 400 individuals across multiple diseases.

The TARIS System features a dual-lumen silicone tube, which contains a solid drug core in one lumen and a super-elastic wire form in the other, enabling the continuous release of medication into the bladder urine over weeks or months.