Amir Nashat, Ph.D.

Polaris Partners

Dr. Nashat is a Managing Partner in Polaris’ Boston office. He joined Polaris in 2002 and focuses on investments in healthcare. Dr. Nashat currently represents Polaris as a Director of AgBiome, aTyr Pharmaceuticals, Fate Therapeutics, Jnana Therapeutics, Marauder Therapeutics, Metacrine Therapeutics, Scholar Rock, Seletca Biosciences, Sofgren Medical and Syros Pharmaceuticals. Additionally, he has served as a Director of Adnexus Therapeutics (Bristol Myers Squibb), Athenix Corporation (Bayer), Avila Therapeutics (Celgene), Living Proof (Unilever), Pervasis Therapeutics (Shire Pharmaceuticals), Receptos (Celgene), and Sun Catalytix (Lockheed Martin). At Living Proof, Sun Catalytix, and Olivo Labs Dr. Nashat served as the company’s initial CEO. Dr. Nashat also serves on the Partners Innovation Fund, the Investment Advisory Committee for The Engine at MIT, and helped launch the MIT Sandbox Innovation Fund as its active president. He previously served on the Board of the New England Venture Capital Association. Dr. Nashat has been named to the Forbes Midas List of “Top 100 Venture Capitalists.”