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Patients with bladder disease have lacked effective treatments for too long. TARIS is committed to changing that.

Transforming the treatment of urologic diseases

With an unmatched understanding of how to unlock the bladder’s unique epithelial biology, we have developed a pipeline of disease-modifying therapies that can be continuously delivered easily to the sites of need.

Our lead clinical programs in bladder cancer and overactive bladder have the potential to establish new standards of care — responding to an unmet need identified by urologists and patients for targeted solutions to address widespread, debilitating conditions. Our patient-friendly approach overcomes the historical challenges of effectively delivering medications to the bladder while sparing the patient from systemic drug exposure and associated side effects.

As we continue to unlock the possibilities of epithelial science and targeted drug delivery, we believe our approach may extend to diseases in other hard-to-treat organs that lack adequate options.

Rooted in Applied Innovation

TARIS arose from research conducted in the laboratories of renowned scientists Robert Langer, Sc.D., and Michael Cima, Ph.D., at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Drs. Langer and Cima’s team identified opportunities to improve upon the encouraging but limited benefits of “local bladder instillations,” procedures that deliver liquid solutions of medicine into the bladder to manage disease. Though these treatments showed signs of potential efficacy, patients and their urologists were frustrated by the need for frequent dosing due to normal bladder emptying. Drs. Langer and Cima envisioned a better way.

TARIS was founded in 2008 to expand on their innovations. Since that time, TARIS has unlocked an unprecedented understanding of bladder biology and has acted on that understanding with novel targeted therapies that continuously engage the sites of disease.


Tony Kingsley

President and Chief Executive Officer

Christopher J. Cutie, M.D., MBA

Chief Medical Officer

Dennis H. Giesing, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

Cheryl Larrivee-Elkins, MSChE

Chief Compliance Officer

Diane Marcou, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

I hope to build TARIS to realize substantial commercial opportunities for our innovative treatments that can fundamentally redefine the treatment paradigm for patients suffering with urologic disorders.

Tony Kingsley
President and Chief Executive Officer


Tony Kingsley


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